Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy groceries?

Currently, Zups in Cook is reconstructing, due to the fire last year. Moosebirds carries the essentials for your convenience.


Do you carry live bait?

Yes we do.


Do you have guide services?

We can refer you to an area guide.


Do you sell firewood?



Can I purchase gas for my boat?

Yes. Available during Moosebirds open hours.


What kind of groceries do you carry?

We carry milk and eggs, along with butter, buns, bread, chips, marshmallows, candy, graham crackers, charcoal, grilling supplies, hamburger patties, hot dogs and brats along with much more.


What is a Moosebird anyway?

Lumberjacks of the past would call the grey Canadian Jay a “Moosebird” as these lovable birds would be seen riding on the antlers of moose in the woods causing the lumberjacks to take notice of them. A Moosebird is a friendly northern bird that welcomes and enjoys the company of others. Sometimes called a camp robber, the Canadian Jay will actually eat out of your hand. So stop by Moosebirds where every birdie is welcome, and keep an eye out for one of our namesakes… real or imaginary.


Where is the closest Clinic/Emergency Room?

Scenic Rivers Health Services Medical Clinic

20 5th St SE,

Cook, MN 55723

Phone: (218) 666-5941


Where is the closest Hospital?

Cook Hospital
10 Southeast Fifth Street
Cook, MN 55723
Phone: (218) 666-5945
Toll-Free 1-866-324-5945